105. Karel van Mander

Karel van Mander engraving

Engraving by Andries Jacobsz. Stock (Orenstein 1996, 269)
Signed ‘Hh. formis’ by Hendrick Hondius

20.4 x 12.2 cm

Transcription of Inscription:

Peniculo vivunt Pictores ingeniosi,
   Et vivunt calamo, Carole docte, tuo.
Pictor, Pictorum Censor tu candidus idem.
   Pulcrum est Artificis pingere judicio. 

Translation of Inscription:

Karel van Mander, Painter and Poet
Ingenious pictures live by their brush, and they live, learned Karel, by your pen.  You are at the same time a painter and the candid censor of painters.1. It is a fine thing to paint for the judgment of an artist. 

 Orenstein 1996, Stock no. 269
 Karel Van Mander’s Het Schilder-boeck
 Grove Art Online biography



  1.  “pictorum censor” – see the note on this expression in 5. Poem to the Lovers and Admirers of Pictures.