103. Gillis Coninxloo

Gillis Coninxloo engraving

Engraving by Andries Jacobsz. Stock (Orensrtein 1996, 268)
Signed ‘Hh excudit’ by Hendrick Hondius

202 x 12.1 cm

Transcription of Inscription:

Pingere rura, lacus, silvas, animalcula, fontes
    Cura tibi.  pascunt mirificé haec oculos.
Te duce nunc pingunt alii campósque lacúsque :
Te Fauni, Nymphae, te Dryadésque canunt.

Translation of Inscription:

Gillis Coninxloo of Antwerp, painter 
Your concern was to paint fields, lakes, small animals and fountains.  These things nourish 1 the eyes wonderfully.  By your example, now others paint fields and lakes: the Fauns, the Nymphs and the Dryads sing of you. 

Orenstein 1996, Stock no. 268

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  1. “pascunt … oculos” – the same expression in the text for Floris van Dijk.Return to note reference