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Otto van Veen engraving

121. Otto van Veen

Van Veen is illustrious for his morals, his genius and his skill. What his genius imagined, he also painted with his own hand.  He was invited by great kings, but he himself held kingdoms and worlds to be less important than his sweet fatherland. Continue Reading 121. Otto van Veen


Jacob Binck etching

61. Jacob Binck

Jacob Binck, German painter and sculptor. Binck painted and engraved himself what he imagined in his mind. His skill, hand and mind vie [with one another]. Since your [works] are learnedly expressed, you will be great, if the censor of skill is believed. Continue Reading 61. Jacob Binck


Pieter Bruegel engraving

45. Pieter Bruegel

Who is this new Hieronymus Bosch for the world, versed in imitating the master’s ingenious dreams with such great skill of paintbrush and pen – so that sometimes he surpasses even him.  Pieter, [you are] blessed in your spirit, as you are blessed in your skill, for in your own and your old master’s comic type of painting, full of wit, you deserve glorious rewards of praise, everywhere and from everyone, no less than those of any artist. Continue Reading 45. Pieter Bruegel