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Joris Hoefnagel etching

93. Joris Hoefnagel

This Hoefnagel, refined by learning, presents himself.  He was also trustworthy for the learned cosmographer Ortelius.  The latter gave the world, [and] the former cities to the world in a gigantic Theatre, and painted flowers and various brute beasts. Continue Reading 93. Joris Hoefnagel


Jacob Binck etching

61. Jacob Binck

Jacob Binck, German painter and sculptor. Binck painted and engraved himself what he imagined in his mind. His skill, hand and mind vie [with one another]. Since your [works] are learnedly expressed, you will be great, if the censor of skill is believed. Continue Reading 61. Jacob Binck


engraving of Lucas Gassel

49. Lucas Gassel

Hail, Lucas, once more dear than all the rest, and no less honoured by me than my own father.  Indeed you were the first cause of loving painting offered to me, while you were painting fields and huts with your learned hand.  Equal to your skill are your honesty and candour, and whatever [else] can attract the minds of the good with love.  Therefore may the fame of your virtue and skill live forever, old man beloved to me on both counts. Continue Reading 49. Lucas Gassel


Willem Key engraving

47. Willem Key

What faces of people the hand of Key, learned in painting, expressed, so that you could believe you were looking at them! – if however, you except one, Mor, in my opinion the Belgians do not fear to be found wanting because of anyone’s skill.  Continue Reading 47. Willem Key