101. Hans Vredeman de Vries

Hans Vredeman de Vries engraving

101Engraved by Hendrick Hondius (Orenstein 1996)
Signed ‘Hh form. Cum privil.’ by Hendrick Hondius

19.8 x 11.6 cm

Transcription of Inscription:

Pictorum summus, celebrat quos Optica virtus,
     Friso : probant artem Regia tecta tuam.
Cum tua sint Opera haec varii1 subnixa Columnis
     Spectabit longo tempore posteritas.

Translation of Inscription:

Hans Vredeman de Vries of Leeuwarden
Frisian, greatest of painters whom skill in optics makes famous, the royal palace proves your skill.  Since these works are yours, supported by diverse2 columns, posterity shall gaze upon them for a long time.

Hollstein 1994 no.110

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  1. Sic.  the s of “variis” is written in pencil only.Return to note reference
  2. I am reading “variis” for the text’s “varii”.  A space seems to have been left for the missing “s”.Return to note reference