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Paul Bril engraving

123. Paul Bril

Brill the painter showed fortresses and woods, joyous crops and the work of oxen, and mountains.  Therefore he was the more pleasing to the one who is first on the holy summit (the Pontiff), and to the one who is illustrious in Tyrian purple. Continue Reading 123. Paul Bril


Bartholomew Spranger engraving

109. Bartholomew Spranger

Engraved by Hendrick Hondius (Orenstein 1996) Signed by ‘Hh exc.’ by Hendrick Hondius 20.3 x 11.9 cm Transcription of Inscription: BARTHOLOMÆUS SPRANGERUS, PICT. ANTWERPIANUS. Hic ille est vivos qui ducit imagine vultus.      Fama viri hinc vivit, gloria parta viget. Arte placet magnus. Magnum quid, posse placere      Sacrorum Regi Caesaribusque simul. Translation of Inscription:… Continue Reading 109. Bartholomew Spranger

Joris Hoefnagel etching

93. Joris Hoefnagel

This Hoefnagel, refined by learning, presents himself.  He was also trustworthy for the learned cosmographer Ortelius.  The latter gave the world, [and] the former cities to the world in a gigantic Theatre, and painted flowers and various brute beasts. Continue Reading 93. Joris Hoefnagel