Interns’ blog

Interns from disciplines outside of the History of Art share their discoveries, as they chose and researched the objects for the displays.These blog posts were originally published on The Courtauld Gallery’s blog.  

Sculpture of a bear

Playing and Art Galleries

Selection Process  We spent some time with various objects in the store room during the selection process. Each object provided a different perspective to view art therapy with and endless questions to explore. In the [...]
microscopic investigation of a Venetian Opalescent Glass Bowl

Up close and personal 

  After having spent several weeks researching my Illuminating Objects glass bowl, I got the chance to see it in the flesh again for a bit of a scientific investigation. I felt quite at home visiting [...]
three people working on the installation of the venetian glass bowl in the Courtauld's gallery


The Courtauld’s newest instalment is finally ready and has now been sitting proudly on display for over a week. The Venetian bowl (I have become accustomed to calling it ‘my’ bowl) is small but [...]
two female students examining the adventurine bowl

Decisions Decisions 

It is now time to select my object to illuminate! Perhaps embedded with a genetic interest for ceramics, I had initially thought about selecting some albarelli, earthenware pharmacy jars, some of which are already on [...]

Introducing Eleanor

The Courtauld Gallery is one of the last places I would have guessed I would be working, if you had asked me a few years ago. At this time, a pharmaceutical or neurological laboratory would [...]
two female students examining athos cross in store

The Mount Athos Cross

Posted on 30 October 2012 by  Dr Eleni Dimitriadou. Illuminating Objects is a new series of displays that shines a light on unexpected objects from the decorative arts and sculpture collection. All these objects have interesting stories [...]