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Joachim Patinir engraving

21. Joachim Patinir

That, amongst all of these, no image expressed with more liveliness than your face is to be seen, Joachim, has happened not only because Curtius’ hand cut it into the bronze ([the hand] which does not now fear another rival), but [also] because Dürer, admiring your hand, when you painted fields and huts, once drew your face on a palimpsest with his bronze point.  Imitating those lines, Curtius surpassed himself, not to mention all the others. Continue Reading 21. Joachim Patinir


Rogier van der Weyden engraving

17. Rogier Van Der Weyden

May your praise not be that you painted many beautiful things, as your age could bear them (although they are worthy that anyone who is a painter in our time wish greatly to look at them, if he be wise – the paintings which forbid the tribunal of Brussels to leave the straight path of Justice are witness [to this]): but rather that your last will is a perpetual remedy for the hunger of the poor from the proceeds of your painting.  The former, [itself] already near to death, you left on earth; the latter shines in the sky, as a monument that will not die. Continue Reading 17. Rogier Van Der Weyden


Hieronymus Bosch engraving

15. Hieronymus Bosch

What is meant by that astonished eye of yours, Hieronymus Bosch, or that pallor in your face?  As if you had seen ghosts, the spectres of Erebus, flittering in front of you.  I could believe that the caves of greedy Pluto and the houses of Tartarus lay open to you, seeing as your hand could paint so well whatever the lowest hollows of Avernus contain. Continue Reading 15. Hieronymus Bosch


Hubert Van Eyck engraving

9. Hubert Van Eyck

“Hubert, if the praises which our Thalia recently attributed to you along with your deserving brother are not enough, let this [praise] of yours be added, that your brother, as your student, outdid you in ability.  That work of yours in Ghent teaches this, which filled Philip with such love of it,4 that he ordered a copy of it to be made by the hand of Coxennius, to be sent to his native Spaniards.” Continue Reading 9. Hubert Van Eyck