143. Isaac Oliver

Isaac Oliver etching

Engraving by Robert de Baudous (Orenstein 1996, 40)
Signed ‘Hh exv.’ by Hendrick Hondius
20.6 x 11.9 cm

Transcription of Inscription:
Ad vivum laetos qui pingis imagine vultus,
   Olivere oculos mirificé hi capiunt
Corpora quae formas justo haec expressa Colore.

Multum est, cúm rebus convenit ipse color. 


Translation of Inscription:
Isaac Oliver the Englishman, painter.

You who paint images of lively,1 joyful faces, Oliver – these captivate (our) eyes wonderfully.  The bodies which you make – these are expressed in the right colours. 

It is a great thing, when colour itself is in harmony with things.

Orenstein 1996, Baudous no. 40
Grove Art Online biography


  1. or “from life”? – see note on 87. Crispijn van den Broeck.