Explicitly described as painters in the verse

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Hieronymus Bosch engraving

15. Hieronymus Bosch

What is meant by that astonished eye of yours, Hieronymus Bosch, or that pallor in your face?  As if you had seen ghosts, the spectres of Erebus, flittering in front of you.  I could believe that the caves of greedy Pluto and the houses of Tartarus lay open to you, seeing as your hand could paint so well whatever the lowest hollows of Avernus contain. Continue Reading 15. Hieronymus Bosch


Hubert Van Eyck engraving

9. Hubert Van Eyck

“Hubert, if the praises which our Thalia recently attributed to you along with your deserving brother are not enough, let this [praise] of yours be added, that your brother, as your student, outdid you in ability.  That work of yours in Ghent teaches this, which filled Philip with such love of it,4 that he ordered a copy of it to be made by the hand of Coxennius, to be sent to his native Spaniards.” Continue Reading 9. Hubert Van Eyck


Jan Van Eyck engraving

11. Jan Van Eyck

“I am he who first taught to mix joyful colours from the pressed oily seed of flax, with my brother Hubert. Bruges, flourishing with wealth, was astounded by this new discovery, perhaps unknown in the past to Apelles himself.  Soon afterwards our uprightness did not refuse to be spread widely through the whole world.” Continue Reading 11. Jan Van Eyck