89. Joos van Winghe

Joos van Winghe etching

Signed ‘Hh ex.’ by Hendrick Hondius, attributed to Simon Frisius
20.1 x 11.9 cm

Transcription of Inscription:
Wingius hic multum pingebat corpora viva : 
     Venae, membra, artus, omnia consipicua.
Cujus laudatur, quae expressa est, Belgica nuda : 
     Quâ ostendit Patriae tristia fata suae.

Translation of Inscription:
Joos van Winghe of Brussels, painter 
This van Winghe often painted living bodies – veins, limbs, joints, everything was remarkable.  His Belgian nude, which has been printed,1 is praised. With her he showed the sad fate of his fatherland. 

Orenstein 1996, Frisius no. 159; Hollstein 2008 no. 179
 Karel Van Mander’s biography of Joos van Winghe 
 Grove Art Online biography


  1. I am not certain this is what the author means by “expressa”. It could also simply mean “portrayed”, “painted”. Compare note for the text on 61. Jacob Binck.Return to note reference