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Bernaert van Orley engraving

19. Bernaert Van Orley

That the Court of Brussels boasts of its nursling Bernaert, most skilled in painting Attalian garments, is not so much due (if anyone wants to argue while I am judging) to the painter’s skill (although it is also due to his skill) as it is to [the fact] that he was dear to you, Margaret ruler of the Belgians, since nothing is more delightful to you than the art of Apelles.  By your gift, he often got golden handles for his paintbrushes, and gold coins, in recently minted currency. Continue Reading 19. Bernaert Van Orley


Rogier van der Weyden engraving

17. Rogier Van Der Weyden

May your praise not be that you painted many beautiful things, as your age could bear them (although they are worthy that anyone who is a painter in our time wish greatly to look at them, if he be wise – the paintings which forbid the tribunal of Brussels to leave the straight path of Justice are witness [to this]): but rather that your last will is a perpetual remedy for the hunger of the poor from the proceeds of your painting.  The former, [itself] already near to death, you left on earth; the latter shines in the sky, as a monument that will not die. Continue Reading 17. Rogier Van Der Weyden