39. Joos van Cleve

Joos van Cleve engraving

Signed ‘Hh’ by Hendrick Hondius
Copy in reverse direction to Cock 1572 engraved Pictorum
19.3 x 12.1 cm

Transcription of Inscription [Lampsonius]:

Nostra nec artifices inter te Musa silebit
     Belgas, picturae non leve, Iuste, decus.
Quam propria, nati tam felix arte fuisses ;
     Mansisset sanum si misero cerebrum.

Translation of Inscription [Lampsonius]:

To Joos van Cleve of Antwerp, painter. 
Our muse shall not keep silent about you, among the Belgian artists, Joos, [you who are ] no trivial glory of painting.  You would have been as happy in your son’s art as in your own, if only the wretch’s brain had remained healthy.

Hollstein 1994 no. 97

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