Dr Rebecca Arnold

Oak Foundation Lecturer in History of Dress and Textiles

Interests: Ready-to-wear, Photography, America, Documentary Imagery, Madeleine Vionnet


Susanna Brown: Associate Lecturer

Interests: the intertwined histories of portraiture, fashion, and illustrated magazines; the development of museum collections and exhibitions; immersive exhibition design


MA History of Dress 2021-2022

Erin Argun

Interests: Theatre, Film and Television Costume Design, Representations of Culture in Dress, Surrealism and Fashion


Rosie Dyer

Interests: Black British history, protest fashion, magazines, models, catwalks, costume design, history of the department store, the influence of music on fashion, and the body.


Victoria Fitzgerald

Interests: Folk dress, textile design and production, Georgian jewellery, Romanticism and the macabre, the ‘New-Look’ and contemporary fashion journalism


Georgina Johnston-Watt

Interests: wartime fashion journalism, contemporary fashion journalism, curatorial decisions within fashion exhibitions, history of retail


Ipek Kozanoglu

Interests: Dutch Golden Age painting, Victorian dress, Roaring 20s, Dress and Identity, Fashion in paintings


Claudia Stanley

Interests: French cinema, 1960s fashion and advertising, 20th century fashion photography, the state of (un)dress in art, sustainable fashion


Megan Stevenson

Interests: fashion curation, trend cycles and counterculture, identity through image, gender formation and expression





Past Contributors

PhD History of Dress

MA History of Dress 2020

MA History of Dress 2019

MA History of Dress 2018

MA History of Dress 2017

MA History of Dress 2016

MA History of Dress 2015

MA History of Dress 2014

BA History of Art 2014

Jean Hollywood, Illustrations