MA History of Dress 2017

Dr Rebecca Arnold, Oak Foundation Lecturer in History of Dress and Textiles

Interests: Ready-to-wear, photography, America, documentary imagery, Madeleine Vionnet

Associated Tutor

Dr Elizabeth Kutesko

Interests: Brazilian fashion design, Moroccan fashion design, fashion and globalization, National Geographic, photograph

MA History of Dress 2017

Sophie Assouad

Interests: Post War/Cold War fashions in Germany and the US, art, department stores and display

Barbora Kozusnikova

Interests: Contemporary fashion, photography, fashion magazines, menswear, clothing in dance, exhibition curation, Renaissance art

Yona Lesger

Interests: Fashion as Social Barometer, Orientalism, Fin de Siecle, American Fashion

Mia Matin

Interests: Modern fashion, the fashionable woman, early films and dress, designer/textiles collaborations, curating fashion

Dana Moreno

Interests: 1950s and 1960s prêt-à-porter, dress and architecture as habitable spaces, textiles for fashion and furniture design, women and identity

Harriet Nelham Clark

Interests: The fashion mannequin, artist-designed textiles, magazines, backstage/behind-the-scenes imagery and documentary/process films

Jamie Vaught

Interests: Fashion in art, Aesthetic dress, dress reform, Orientalism, costume in Old Hollywood cinema