MA History of Dress 2014

Fruzsina Bekefi

Interests: History of retail, fashion and the future, development and use of  artificial fabrics, history of fashion curation, fashion and technology

Jessica Draper

Interests: Francesca Woodman, Brassaï, velvet, Chinese dress

Jennifer Potter

Interests: The female sports bodydress and dance, dress and American leisure culture in the 1920scostume in Hollywood films

Julia Rea

Interests: Representation of dress in the novels of F. Scott Fitzgerald, mannequins and the live model, 1920s beauty journalism, fashion illustration and symbolism in the designs of Coco Chanel

Elisa De Wyngaert

Interests: Balenciaga, exotic turbans, heritage brands, minimalism in fashion, Martin Margiela

Jean Hollywood, Illustrations