Collage by Alexis Romano
MAs at NMAH DC 2014
The Courtauld History of Dress MA students in the archives of the National Museum of American History in Washington DC in early 2014

This is a blog that documents fashion – as image, as object, as text, as an experience, and as an industry.

Written by Rebecca Arnold, Lecturer in History of Dress and Textiles, and current postgraduate and research students of the history of dress at The Courtauld Institute of Art in London, it provides a platform to show our current work, and our responses to dress-related matters we see around us.

We aim to share our ideas, show you items from The Courtauld’s collections, and generally discuss anything that we think is interesting and provocative about fashion now, as well as in the past.

We will update regularly, with interviews, images and comments that analyse dress history and encourage debate about what fashion is, was and will be.

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