This is a 360° video taken by The Crossing Frontiers researchers during a recent field trip to Georgia. Pause the video to spend longer at each location. For an all-round experience, view in Google cardboard or a similar compatible headset:

Ateni Monastery

Nazenie Garibian Saint Sion Church Ateni monastery is situated 12 kilometres south of Gori city, in the valley of the Tana river, one of the branches of the Kura river. Syrian epistolary evidence shows that a [...]

Bagrati Cathedral

Arpine Asryan The 11thcentury cathedral of the Dormition, known more often as Bagrati (Bagrat’s) Cathedral [ბაგრატისტაძარი], is situated in the Georgian province of Imereti, in the city of Kutaisi. It is situated on the left [...]