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Otto van Veen engraving

121. Otto van Veen

Van Veen is illustrious for his morals, his genius and his skill. What his genius imagined, he also painted with his own hand.  He was invited by great kings, but he himself held kingdoms and worlds to be less important than his sweet fatherland. Continue Reading 121. Otto van Veen


Jan Vermeyen engraving

33. Jan Vermeyen

“What men, what places and what cities has Vermeyen not painted? –– and whatever the world, far and wide, has worth seeing –  while he followed you on land and sea, Emperor Charles, to paint the mighty deeds of your hand. These soon shone in gold with Attalian embroidery, although the artist’s hand was greater than the material. Nor did he provide a sight less pleasing to you than his art – [he was] remarkable for his high forehead, [and] was ordered to show off the unhidden folds of his rich beard, hanging down to his feet.” Continue Reading 33. Jan Vermeyen


Bernaert van Orley engraving

19. Bernaert Van Orley

That the Court of Brussels boasts of its nursling Bernaert, most skilled in painting Attalian garments, is not so much due (if anyone wants to argue while I am judging) to the painter’s skill (although it is also due to his skill) as it is to [the fact] that he was dear to you, Margaret ruler of the Belgians, since nothing is more delightful to you than the art of Apelles.  By your gift, he often got golden handles for his paintbrushes, and gold coins, in recently minted currency. Continue Reading 19. Bernaert Van Orley


Hubert Van Eyck engraving

9. Hubert Van Eyck

“Hubert, if the praises which our Thalia recently attributed to you along with your deserving brother are not enough, let this [praise] of yours be added, that your brother, as your student, outdid you in ability.  That work of yours in Ghent teaches this, which filled Philip with such love of it,4 that he ordered a copy of it to be made by the hand of Coxennius, to be sent to his native Spaniards.” Continue Reading 9. Hubert Van Eyck