Lucas Gassel (The 1572 Pictorum)

engraving of Lucas Gassel

Inscribed IH.W., attributed to Johannes Wierix, 1572. 

Transcription of Inscription [Lampsonius]:

Salve omnes, Luca, ante alios carissime quondam
     Nec levius proprio culte parente mihi.
Quippe mihi primus graphices datus auctor amandae
     Dum pingis docta rura, casasque manu.
Par arti1 probitasque tuae, candorque, bonorum
     Et quicquid mentes ducere amore potest.
Ergo fama tuae virtutis, et artis in aevum
     Vivat, utroque mihi nomine amate senex 

Translation of Inscription [Lampsonius]:

To Lucas Gassel of Helmond, painter.
Hail, Lucas, once more dear than all the rest, and no less honoured by me than my own father.  Indeed you were the first cause of loving painting offered to me, while you were painting fields and huts2 with your learned hand.  Equal to your skill3[else] can attract the minds of the good with love.  Therefore may the fame of your virtue and skill live forever, old man beloved to me on both counts.


  1. sic.
  2. “rura casasque”.  See note on the text for Joachim Patinir.
  3. In the 1610 Pictorum, Lampsonius’ “arti” has been replaced with “arte”.See Luca Gassel’s 1610 portrait.