117. Hendrick Vroom

Hendrick Vroom etching

Signed ‘Hh exc.’ by Hendrick Hondius, attributed to Simon Frisius

20.2 x 12.2 cm

Transcription of Inscription:

Vromius hic multúm terris jactatus et alto :
  Qui docuit vitâ multa ferenda probo.
Naufragia et Tabulas, Scopulos, caelíque Ruinas
   Tam bene qui potuit pingere nemo fuit.

Translation of Inscription:

Hendrick Vroom of Haarlem, painter.
This Vroom was much cast about on land and sea,1 he who taught that in life there is much to endure for the honest man.  Shipwrecks and planks, cliffs, and the crashing down of the sky – there was no one who could paint [these] so well. 

Orenstein 1996, Frisius no. 158; Hollstein 2008 no.178
 Karel Van Mander’s biography of Hendrick Vroom 
 Grove online biography


  1. This is from Virgil, Aeneid 1.3, “multum ille et terris iactatus et alto”.Return to note reference