A 17th Century Pendant

pendant in the shape of a miniature open book

This display examined an unusual early seventeenth-century pendant, possibly a reliquary. It discussed the origins and iconography of the pendant, and considered its appeal for the Anglo-Catholic artist and collector Thomas Gambier Parry (1816-1888).

The pendant was researched and prepared Devon Abts, a PhD candidate in theology at King’s College London. Her focus was on the relationship between faith and aesthetics in Victorian England.

The pendant was on display between 13 November 2015 and 15 March 2016, in The Courtauld Gallery.

European, Pendant in the Shape of a Book

One Design, Many Pendants

A young German art historian[3] has recently identified eight book-shaped pendants with strikingly similar features, including the objects in both the Courtauld and the V&A collections. Each of these eight pendants is composed [...]
Thomas Gambier Parry, collector, artist, philanthropist

Thomas Gambier Parry: High Church Collector & Artist

Thomas Gambier Parry (1816-1888) was a Victorian gentleman of enormous energy who used his wealth to explore the world, educate himself, and better the lives of others. He was a philanthropist, amateur artist, and author—[...]

References and Acknowledgements

[1] The term “verre églomisé” would not have been used during the Renaissance, as the now-popular French name was not coined until the eighteenth century. [2] Ebenhoech, R. & Tammen, S. “Wearing Devotional Books.” [Unpublished Manuscript]. As [...]