Photographic detail of the back of a woman's dress
Detail, Man Ray, 1937

Fashion Interpretations, A symposium

This symposium takes place online across five nights, showcasing the work of participants in The Courtauld/London College of Fashion AHRC-funded Fashion Interpretations: Dress, Medium & Meaning networking project led by Rebecca Arnold and Judith Clark.

Each evening, we will present aspects of our individual and joint research into fashion and medium, exploring specific case studies from our perspectives as dress and film historians, artists, writers and illustrators, stylists and journalists.

We are an international, interdisciplinary network focused on the ways modern and contemporary fashion is continually reinterpreted through varied mediums, seeking to gain insight into the ways representational modes translate and reconfigure the meaning of fashion itself.

This symposium is the culmination of a year-long research initiative and also marks the launch of Archivist Addendum – a publishing project exploring the nascent space between standardised fashion editorial and academic research.

The Fashion Interpretations symposium is a live online event.

Please register for further details. The platform and log in details will be sent to registered attendees at 10am and 1pm on the day of the event and again shortly before the event begins. Please note that registration will close thirty minutes before this event is due to begin.

If you do not receive the log in details or have any other queries, please get in touch with us at

Booking for the symposium is essential, to learn find more details on registering please visit:

A 2-d representation of a woman
Dirk Van Saene A/W 2020-2021 collection, February 2020 © Elisa De Wyngaert
Painting depicting two womens skirts
Vintage Wool tweed Skirt. Leanne Shapton, 2020









A man, stood centre in front of the camera's lens, dressed in a gold foiled leather "space suit"
Gold Foiled Leather Space Suit/Illuminating Force SS03, Blaak Archive, Aaron Sharif Collection, Photographed by Tara Darby, styled by Alex Petsetakis, Archivist Addendum
Three young boys posing on a set of steps, all dressed in traditional Lord Fauntleroy suits
Children wearing velvet suits inspired by Little Lord Fauntleroy style, from the work of Olga Vainshtein
An illustration of Berard and Jacques Fath, sat talking with one another
Bérard draws Bettina with Jacques Fath, by Richard Haines