Elisa de Wyngaert

Fashion Curator at MoMu Fashion Museum Antwerp

A portrait of Elisa de Wyngaert
Portrait by Alessandra Ruyten









Why do people dress the way they do? What are we communicating with our clothes?

As an art and fashion historian, I love investigating how fashion is interconnected with the psychology and mood of a society. I can listen for hours to people’s life stories and what role certain garments play in their narrative. I am always looking for the emotional and psychological layer in the exhibitions I curate. I don’t mind being a bit subversive.

My research has focused on the use of textiles in contemporary art and on 20th – 21st century fashion – specifically Belgian designers, Balenciaga, Schiaparelli, Balmain and Helmut Lang. I have worked on publications and exhibitions such as ‘Hermès: The Margiela Years’ (MoMu), ‘Soft? Tactile Dialogues’ (MoMu), ‘Olivier Theyskens – she walks in beauty’ (MoMu).

I love encountering awkward mannequins in desolate shop windows. I will stop to photograph them anywhere and anytime.


A photograph of two mannequins inside a window shop display
© Elisa de Wyngaert