The Island

Charles Avery has decided to call his imaginary world The Island, which is in fact more of an archipelago. Most geographical features on it resemble those of our world, except for a few major differences: there are mice made of stone, bottomless mountains and eternal forests.


Part of the same landmass as the Island, it is attached by the ‘great wetland.’ a giant marsh that Triangland’s inhabitants cannot traverse. For this reason they travel to ‘The Island’ as tourists and explorers by sea.

The Plane of Gods

The main tourist attraction of the Port of Onomatopoeia, The Island’s profane Olympus where tourists may gape and gawk at these anti-gods. It includes an aged bather, a giant number two, a beast named Aleph Nul (rumored to be a descendant of the Noumenon), a bottomless hole, and a tiny creature known as Mr. Impossible.