The Hunter:
A protagonist of sorts. He acquires the name “Only McFew” through a misunderstanding upon arrival and explores the island side by side with Miss Miss.

Miss Miss:
A beautiful young woman who guides and sponsors The Hunter on the Island. He falls madly in love with her upon arrival, but she refuses to give into his advances.

The Noumenon:
An elusive beast that resides in the Eternal Forest, over whose existence the Islanders continuously argue. Their ongoing debate has divided the population into various philosophical factions, from the solipsists to the rationalists.

The Philosophers:
These inhabitants argue over the existence of the Noumenon and various aspects of The Island. They wear hats that illustrate aspects of their philosophy.

“The esoteric Diskworlders who comprehend the world as area and whose approach is most closely related to the creationists in our reality, wear a flat round headdress while the hat worn by the solipsists has a prickly construction that aggressively protrudes into its surroundings. The metas, by contrast, do without any form of symbolism and appropriate the city for themselves by making their hat out of Onomatopoeia’s emblem.”1.

The Colonists:
These characters are inspired by the archetype of the 19th-century explorer. They keep the inhabitants of The Island enslaved on a recipe of eggs pickled in Henderson’s gin, while organising expeditions to the Eternal Forest in search of the Noumenon.

The Alephs:
Bizarre mythical creatures with long and shrivelled snouts that roam The Island.

1 Avery, “Onomatopoeia, the Port.” p.160.