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Wolverhampton Art Gallery is a purpose-built gallery dating back to the 19th century. Works held by the gallery range from paintings, prints, drawings, photography and sculpture, to digital and installation art. Permanent displays are dedicated to key periods in history, such as the Georgian and Victorian eras, and the gallery has speciality collections in Pop Art and Black British Art.

Wolverhampton was home to one of the largest Courtauld Ltd factories, from the mid-1920s it produced rayon fibres for use in a range of textiles and goods. The Dunstall Works chimneys, known as the ‘Three Sisters’ were a famous part of the Wolverhampton skyline until they were demolished in the early 1970s.

In 2019 we explored the history of arts and culture in Wolverhampton by supporting the Wolverhampton Society of Artists Centenary Exhibition with the loan of three great works from The Courtauld’s collection in a display called The Bloomsbury Effect. Displays in the gallery and local archives complemented the exhibition by documenting the history of the local Courtauld factory and workers.

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Brendan Flynn speaking in front of Roger Fry's Self Portrait

The Bloomsbury Effect Exhibition 

Find out more about The Bloomsbury Effect which featured in the centenary celebrations of the Wolverhampton Society of Artists in 2019.

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You can find out more about Wolverhampton Art Gallery and the project in Wolverhampton by visiting their website or getting in touch:
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