Ulster Museum

a person standing in front of a Modigliani painting in Ulster's museum

The Ulster Museum is the largest museum in Northern Ireland, and forms part of National Museums Northern Ireland (NMNI). It cares for important and wide-ranging collections, including 12,000 works of fine and applied art, as well as natural sciences and objects relating to the history of Ulster from 1600. Alongside extensive permanent collection displays, the museum offers a rich programme of temporary exhibitions.

Courtaulds Ltd opened a major plant at Carrickfergus in 1950 with its own coal-fired power station, which was designed specifically to make a fibre suitable for the Irish linen industry. In 2018 we collaborated with Ulster Museum to highlight the connection between the Courtauld Gallery and the local industrial heritage through a major exhibition and a series of events.

Modigliani’s Female Nude was displayed at Ulster Museum in 2018 with other works from National Museum NI’s collections to explore the relationship between artist and sitter. This theme was picked up in 2020 with the loan of Renoir’s La Loge and Impressionist prints and will be explored further with an exhibition in 2022.

Alongside the exhibition programme The Courtauld and Ulster Museum have worked closely to develop an online programme for schools based on fashion and textile history, and a volunteer programme launched in 2021 to further explore the history of Courtaulds Ltd in Northern Ireland.

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