Online Events

people standing in front of a cezanne painting

We have an active events programme to share our exhibitions and projects with audiences across the UK. Take a look at our What’s On section to see what is coming up soon, or take a look at one of our event recordings on YouTube.

Monet in Mind 

Musical Interludes

This episode of Open Courtauld Hour features August McGregor, Jessica Smith and Stephanie Edwards of Future Ferens (Ferens Art Gallery) to learn more on how and why music has become an essential tool to promote interactive engagement in the Monet in Mind exhibition. Plus musical duo GAIA perform an interpretation of Monet’s ‘Antibes’.

Curator in Conversation 

Dr Karen Serres, Curator of Paintings at The Courtauld in conversation with Future Ferens and answering questions on Monet’s artistic practice, his inspirations, and excursions to the South of France.

Renoir and the New Era

Curator’s Talk

To celebrate the display of Renoir’s incredible work in Belfast for the first time, curators from The Courtauld and Ulster Museum came together in this online talk to explore the exhibition in detail.

Radical Printmaking

This episode of Open Courtauld Hour, produced by The Courtauld’s Research Forum, features Anna Liesching curator of Renoir and the New Era discussing the prints in the exhibition. You can find other episodes of Open Courtauld Hour on YouTube.

Reading Renoir with the Dress Detective 

Dr Ingrid E. Mida discusses how historic fashions, such as the glamorous outfits worn in Renoir’s La Loge, can be understood by a modern audience. The talk also draws upon the art and fashion collections of the Ulster Museum.

Dress Up!

The episode of Open Courtauld Hour features a discussion of Renoir’s La Loge in the context of contemporary fashions by Ulster Museum’s Charlotte McReynolds, and an in-depth look at our project with schools in Northern Ireland, Fashion Sense!

Courtaulds: Origins, Innovation and Family

In Conversation
To accompany the major exhibition in 2020/21 Braintree Museum created a series of films exploring different aspects of the history of Samuel Courtauld, the textile business and his family.

A Good Brew

This Open Courtauld Hour episode, dedicated to exploring the overlooked people behind tea, coffee and sugar, includes a presentation by Robert Rose of Braintree Museum, exploring the working class histories of Courtauld employees through tea parties.

Artful Line

Curator’s Talk

To celebrate the Artful Line exhibition at The Harris Museum, Gallery & Library, Dr Ketty Gottardo takes an in depth look at the drawings on loan from The Courtauld’s collection.

Voices of Courtaulds

Samuel Courtauld: from Rayon to Impressionism

To complement the Voices of Courtaulds exhibition in Greenfield Valley’s new display gallery, Katherine Dunleavy and Barnaby Wright from The Courtauld explore how the business successes of the Courtauld family contributed to the Courtauld Gallery and it’s collection.