Inspired by the legacy of Courtaulds Ltd, the textile company that made Samuel Courtauld his fortune, The Courtauld is collaborating with museums and galleries across the UK to develop exhibitions, volunteer led projects and school workshops that engage with young people and communities to learn more about the history of Samuel Courtauld’s collection and Courtaulds Ltd in their area.

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Monet in Mind


Monet Antibes

Claude Monet’s (1840-1926) stunning landscape painting, Antibes (1888) forms the centrepiece, and is the inspiration for, an exciting new exhibition opening at the Ferens Art Gallery in May 2021. The key theme underscoring the exhibition is that of mindfulness, with Monet’s landscape as the anchor point. Mindfulness encourages individuals to pause and take a step back from stresses of life, and appreciate the present moment.

Monet’s painting was chosen to be the lead painting for the exhibition following a public vote designed to give young people in Hull an opportunity to engage with cultural decision-making. Monet in Mind is a showcase of the talents of the Future Ferens who worked in collaboration with the gallery’s team of experts to create this fresh and immersive exhibition.

Once the exhibition closes to the public a virtual tour and a showcase of creative responses by local young people will remain available on the project website.

Renoir and the New Era


Renoir and The New Era exhibitionAn exhibition at Ulster Museum, Belfast featuring a series of works by celebrated Impressionists in The Courtauld Gallery’s collection, alongside works from Ulster Museum’s collection.

Taking Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s La Loge (1874) from as its centrepiece, Renoir and the New Era explores the Impressionists in the late 1900s, through refocusing attention on their position as agitators and anarchists outside of the established art system. Though they have become household names and are cemented within mainstream art history, it is easy to forget that their style of painting was revolutionary and their decision to group together and exhibit in 1874 an act of defiance against the art establishment, the state and what was even considered ‘art’. Other Impressionist works in the exhibition include works of art on paper by Édouard Manet, Camille Pissarro and Berthe Morisot.

Once the exhibition closes to the public a virtual tour will remain available on Smartify.