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Non-technical updates from the Courtauld Web Management and Skills Team.

New Feature On Sites.Courtauld: Google Fonts

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Geoff Moss

We are continuously reviewing and enhancing the features that sites.courtauld offers site owners, and I’m pleased to announce the addition of a new plugin-based feature: the ability for site owners to customize the typography on their site.

We hope this will provide site owners with a little more freedom to express the identity of their site (whilst of course still preserving an overarching Courtauld identity – which is one of the key purposes of the sites.courtauld platform).

This will be on a case-by-case basis – i.e. it’s not enabled by default – so please contact if you’d like this enabled on your site.

You can see this new feature in action here on The Hub.

Web Management and Skills Team News

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Geoff Moss

This is being published on a new Confluence space for public news, updates and blog posts from the Web Management and Skills Team of a NON technical nature. Examples might include:

  • New features

  • Project updates

  • Other general WMST internal communications

An RSS feed of these blogs is being fed in to the WMST ‘hub’ –

The intended audience of these updates is The Courtauld staff (and possibly also students), however this space is theoretically open to the public (though ‘The Hub’ is restricted to internal access).