Final 2021 round of plugin and theme updates sites.courtauld | Retirement of blog.courtauld

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Geoff Moss

A full round of 29 plugin updates have today been applied to , plus a number of theme updates and an update to WordPress core taking it to version 5.8.2 and providing several security and bug patches, info here: No impacts would be expected from these updates, however as ever if there are any peculiarities noticed please let the web team know at

Updates will now be frozen for the remainder of 2021, recommencing in January 2022. has also been fully updated, however this platform will be now be retired in the foreseeable with all blogs now having been migrated over to the sites.courtauld platform. It will technically be maintained for a couple of months while search engines catch up with the permanent redirects current in place there, after which point it will be retired entirely.