Bug-fix and enhancement change-log round-up – 06/04/20

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Geoff Moss

Not much to report here, as there’s a development freeze in place, however there have been a couple of small changes in the last week or two that warrant mentioning as follows:

Main Courtauld.ac.uk Site:


  • The Virtual Tour of the gallery has had the directional and zoom buttons removed for the time-being as they weren’t functional. When there is time to restore them with fixed functionality I’ll do so.

  • The Virtual Tour has also had an update to its analytics code (specifically: an outdated code implemented by the tour providers has been discovered and replaced with the correct, current ID).

Sites.Courtauld Platform:


  • An issue of no default ‘favicon’ being shown on sites without a set favicon was resolved.

  • Our H5P interactive content was not visibly displaying hotspots in some implementations on sites. This has been fixed.