Freeze on ‘non-core’ development work on

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edited by
Geoff Moss

The web team are beginning a refocus of the direction for the main website, with a view to a major transformation project to ensure it can best deliver for our needs as we move forward with a Courtauld branding project and of course the reopening of the Gallery as part of the Courtauld Connects project.

As such I’m freezing ‘non-core’ development work on for the foreseeable future in order to free some capacity for that project.

What is ‘core’?

There is some technical work on that will need to continue – critical bug fixes, general maintenance, work to ensure statutory compliance, some work already in progress which has yet to be rolled out to ‘live’ etc. This is what I mean by ‘core’ – live and essential work. By ‘non-core’ I mean any enhancement work already in my workflow queue but not in progress. No new features/enhancements will now be added to the queue while this freeze is in place.

What does this mean for me as an ‘Editor’ on the site?

This should have next to no direct impact on our internal users, beyond the fact that I’m afraid there can be no new features or enhancements to the site expected while the freeze is in place.

When will the freeze end?

I plan to review the freeze at the end of April, when we should have a clearer idea of the way forward for