Looking Back, Thinking Ahead

An Interview with Dr Barnaby Wright, Daniel Katz Curator of 20th Century Art at The Courtauld Gallery ‘There Not There’ came about in response to a brief that links the exhibition to the forthcoming major [...]

Far from Black and White

The Importance of colour in There Not There The ideas that underpin our exhibition There Not There are far from black and white. Were I to ascribe them a specific colour, it might be Terre [...]

Touring the Unseen

Overlooked Places and People in Art and the City In a city like London where locals and tourists alike adopt a non-stop, frantic pace of life, it is no surprise that sometimes things are overlooked, [...]

The End of Time

As the only painting and the largest work in the show, George Shaw’s ‘The End of Time’ (2008-9) is hard to miss: it confronts you as you enter the space. If the barren patch [...]

Out of Sight: Long and Goldsworthy

Out of Sight: Long and Goldsworthy Gary Snyder, poet and ecological essayist, wrote that ‘the world is our consciousness and it surrounds us’ at a time when the destructive consequences of human activity were only [...]

Making the Space of There Not There

A week after the closure of ‘There Not There’, let us return full circle to the exhibition’s origins: a brief and a space – The Courtauld Gallery’s main exhibition room: 12 metres long, 7.5 metres wide [...]