Wi-Fi (Wireless) Networks

Intended for:

  • Staff
  • Students
  • Visitors
  • Guests


The eduroam Wi-Fi is available to all staff and students at The Courtauld and can be accessed by logging on with your Courtauld User ID and Courtauld password

Logon format is:

Staff: Firstname.Surname@courtauld.ac.uk

Students: cxxxxxx@courtauld.ac.uk

eduroam is available on any Wi-Fi enabled device such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones

Staff and students can also access eduroam at various academic locations world-wide. This includes the University of London’s schools, libraries and halls of residence as well as Kings and UCL. It is also available in teaching hospitals such as Guys & St Thomas, UCLH, Charing Cross.

To access eduroam at another institution you will need to logon using your Courtauld User ID and password.

For more information about eduroam and where it is available please go to eduroam.org .

Logging on to eduroam

If in the past you connected to eduroam by simply tapping or clicking on the ‘eduroam’ network and typing in ‘yourusername@courtauld.ac.uk’ and your password, you now have to ‘Forget’ the network, and then follow the advice that follows.

If in the past you downloaded a profile for eduroam by visiting the ‘eduroam CAT’ website from Courtauld, please locate that profile and uninstall it from your device, and then follow the advice that follows.

Apple iPhones and iPads and on recent Android 10 or Android 11 phones or tablets:

  • Visit the device’s app store (Apple App Store, Google Play store or Huawei App Gallery etc) and download the ‘geteduroam’ app.
  • Start the app and when prompted, search for ‘Courtauld’ (we’ll be the only organisation in the list)
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to configure your device with eduroam.
  • You will need some mobile data for this (because the previous step will have disconnected you from eduroam).
  • DO NOT delete the geteduroam app from your phone after using it to configure your eduroam connection as doing so will also remove your eduroam settings.

Older Android phones or tablets (Android 9 and earlier):

  • Download the ‘eduroam CAT’ app from the Google Play store
  • Start the app and do a manual search for ‘Courtauld’ (we’ll be the only organisation in the list)
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to configure your device.

Windows devices:

If you require administrative privileges, contact ITSD@courtauld.ac.uk

ChromeBooks or Apple laptops:

  • Visit https://cat.eduroam.org/?idp=16&profile=18 and download the updated profile for your device, which will configure your eduroam settings.
  • You will need to connect to the eduroam network and provide your username in the form ‘yourusername@courtauld.ac.uk’ and your password manually.

Linux laptops:

Visitor Wi-Fi

The Courtauld Visitor Wi-Fi is for external visitors to The Courtauld who do not have a reciprocal eduroam access.

The following guide gives step by step instructions on how to register with The Courtauld Visitor Wi-Fi network.

Courtauld Visitor Wi-Fi – a guide 


Duchy House

Students staying at Duchy House should log onto eduroam when possible, however there is also a separate Wi-Fi network available called Duchy House. To log onto the Duchy House Wi-Fi use your Courtauld User ID and password.

Guests staying at Duchy House should use the Duchy House network and use the logon details supplied to them at time of booking.

Somerset House – East Wing

Please be aware there is currently no Wi-Fi Service available in the East Wing of Somerset House

Wi-Fi is available in the West Wing of Somerset House or you may be able to connect your laptop to the Courtauld network via the ethernet connection