VLE – Moodle

Intended for:

  • Staff
  • Students

The Courtauld uses Moodle, which is a virtual learning environment (VLE).

The VLE is where you will find all the information that you need for your programme of study and each of the courses that you are takingincluding information about essays, exams, and other assessments. 

Please familiarise yourself with the VLE and how it works and check it often to make sure that you are not missing anything


Logging on to the VLE

Before you log on you will need to have:

  • A Courtauld User ID
  • Access to a web browser
  1. Go to Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).
  2. Select the Login With Courtauld Email option
  3. Enter your Courtauld email address and password.

Please note: VLE accounts can take 24 hours to become live following enrollment and receipt of Courtauld ID details

Students access their individual timetables on CELCAT.