Intended for:

  • Staff
  • Students


Current Password Policy

  • You cannot use any of your last four passwords
  • A password must not contain your name/username or more than 2 consecutive characters of them
  • A password must not be less than 8 characters
  • Passwords must contain at least 3 of the following 4 characters: Uppercase letters, Lowercase letters, Digits (0 through 9), Symbols (~!@#$%^&*_-+=`\(){}[];”‘<>,.?/) but not the following symbols | or :. not | or :

Please remember

You are responsible for all activity conducted under your login, so please guard your User ID and password well.

NEVER share your password with anyone. If colleagues need to access your account or files, please contact the IT department ( and we can show you how to set that up without the need for sharing your password.


Self Service Password Reset Portal

Once you have changed your temporary password and logged on to your account you need to register on the Self Service Password Reset portal.

The Self Service Portal allows you to manager your account password without needing to contact the IT Service Desk.

Once registered you will be able to

  • change your password if you know your current password
  • reset your password if you do no know your current password

The portal is available via: Self Service Password Reset Portal

For further information, please see our Self Service Reset Portal Instructions.


Changing your password

You can also change your password directly in Office 365 account at

You will need your current password in order to log on and access the My Account section of your Office 365 account.

Below is a guide on how to reset your password through Office 365 account.

Changing Your Password in Office 365 – a guide


Resetting your password

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it through your Office 365 account – only if you have already registered on the Self Service Password Reset Portal

If you do not have access to your password and haven’t registered on the Self Service Password Reset portal then you will need to contact IT support and ask them to reset it for you.