Getting Started

Intended for:

  • Staff
  • Students

Before you can use the MFDs you will need to register your Courtauld ID card with the print system. This only needs to be done once unless you get a replacement ID card.

Please ensure that you have your Courtauld User ID and password ready when you go to register and that you have successfully logged on elsewhere previously using your credentials.


Registering your ID card

  1. Swipe your Courtauld ID card through the card reader on the MFD
  2. You should now enter your Courtauld User ID  and password. Please note your User ID and password details are case sensitive. You can use the shift key to access capitals and numbers are available on the alphanumeric touchscreen or keypad to the right.
  3. The system will now register your details, which may take a few minutes
  4. You have now logged on and will now be presented a screen with an option to Copy, Scan and Send or Secure Print
  5. Your ID card is now associated with your Courtauld User ID and you can now use any MFD device in the Courtauld by swiping your card in the card reader

You are also able to use the MFDs without your ID Card. You will need to manually logon using your Courtauld ID as 2. above.