Returning to work on site at The Courtauld

Intended for:

  • Staff

The following is important information that will ensure that you are able to connect and login to the IT computer systems at Vernon Square and Somerset House.


Eduroam Wi-Fi is available at both Vernon Square and the West Wing at Somerset house, detailed instructions on how to connect are available here.

Wi-Fi is not available in the East Wing of Somerset House. Colleagues will need to work in the West Wing if Wi-Fi is required.

Continue to use Amazon WorkSpaces in the office

Office computers that have not been switched on for a while may need application updates. To avoid delays and improve the security of our data, all staff are who currently have access to an Amazon WorkSpaces are advised to continue to use their Workspace on computers in the office.

There are limited desktops available in the East and West Wing but Hotdesking spaces are available for pre-booking through the Hot Desk bookings page

O365 only

Colleagues without an Amazon WorkSpace that only use O365 web applications should continue to do so.


The Web version of OneDrive should be used to avoid file synchronisation issues.


Black & White and Colour printing is available at both Vernon Square and Somerset House. Instructions on how to connect to printers can be found here.

Saving work

Network shared drives and OneDrive should be used for saving files. Files should not be saved locally on Desktop computers.


Hot desking spaces have been set up in MW01 and MW05 in the West Wing of Somerset House.

There are 5 desktops and spaces for 10 laptops available for pre-booking through the Hot Desk bookings page

You can book either a 2 hour or 4 hour slot from 8am – 8 pm Monday to Sunday.

The desktops and laptop spaces aren’t numbered, so please choose any relevant empty space when you arrive.

If you are unable to attend the time you have booked please remember to cancel your booking so others can book the space.

Screens, keyboards and mice are available but please remember to bring your charger if you are using a laptop

There are no applications installed on the desktops and you will need to use either Office 365 or your Amazon Workspace to access shared data and applications.

For data security and privacy reasons, do not save any data on the shared hot-desking computers.

Please remember to wipe down the keyboards, mice and any surface you have touched before and after you use the space.