Using projectors at Vernon Square 

For seminar rooms 1,2, 7-9:

Power up the projector first by pressing the ‘ON’ button on the remote control.  The remote is normally on the table or one of the window sills.

As the projector warms up (which takes 30 seconds), the ‘Panasonic’ logo displays, then a blue splash screen with a countdown. If the projector has gone or goes into standby, press the ‘ON’ button once to reawaken it, and wait for the blue splash screen to reappear (be patient!).

Connect your laptop to the HDMI cable (which also carries audio to the speakers in the room) – it issues from the connection point on the back wall of the room.

Attached to the cable are adapters for MAC and PC laptops with USB-C or mini display ports.

To switch the projector off, press the ‘OFF’ button on the remote control twice.

For seminar rooms 3-6:

Follow the same procedure. After pressing the ‘ON’ button on the remote control, the screen will start powering up. You will see a blue display with a ‘Philips’ logo. You can then connect your computer to the HDMI cable directly or through one of the adapters provided.

To adjust sound volume, press the buttons on the sound bar below the screen.

MAC USERS – there is a separate document outlining what to do if after connecting up no picture appears on the projection screen. Mac Users

Using projectors at Somerset House

You can view detailed instructions on how to use projectors in the Lecture Theatre, Seminar Room 1 and Seminar Room 2.

Lecture Theatre

Seminar Room 1

Seminar Room 2