Please Do Not Touch

Sophie-Nicole Dodds, Goldsmiths College

A socially distanced process of selection through discussion, drawing and documenting 3D narrative pieces through a screen

Three part drawing of museum artefacts

Sophie-Nicole Dodds is a Master’s student at Goldsmiths, University of London, studying Design: Expanded Practice. Having previously trained in Bespoke Tailoring at London College of Fashion, Sophie looks at construction and making as part of design. She comes to the McQueens Illuminating Objects Internship in a different context from previous students due to the current pandemic. While she will select her object entirely through a computer screen, she has been utilising her design background to examine these objects creatively. Sophie has been drawn to objects in the collection which can be described as fragments, and to the narratives they enclose or inspire, exploring conversations that may arise from them, through gestures of movement and touch. The idea of fragment is a starting point in thinking how these objects relate to today’s material culture. Although both touch and ‘real life’ viewing have been removed from the internship thus far, Sophie will use her design skills and her interest in drawing to connect with and understand the pieces she has selected for display. In contrast with previous internships, this one will have a strong focus on the process of selection itself, as currently shown on the blog. The eventual chosen object will be on display at the Science Museum in 2021