Welcome to the Courtauld Association Network!

The Courtauld Association unites all current students, alumni, and past and present staff of The Courtauld Institute of Art under one umbrella.  This accompanying online community allows users to network with other members, make connections with old friends, search for and post job openings, stay up-to-date about upcoming and recent events, join area and interest groups, share notes and photos, along with providing numerous other features.

These services are provided while always keeping your privacy in mind; you will have the ability to share as much or as little information as you like. Additionally, the site is only open to members of the Courtauld Association, so information will never be made available to outside parties.

Please register using your secure Courtauld Association Membership ID number, found on your membership card, for immediate approval and access to the site.  If you are eligible for membership and have not received a card, or believe that we do not have your current mailing address, please contact alumni@courtauld.ac.uk.

We welcome feedback from our members at any time.  You can also always email alumni@courtauld.ac.uk with any questions or concerns.

You can find out more about The Courtauld Institute of Art at www.courtauld.ac.uk