Anthony Stern – Art of Glass

Anthony Stern’s passion for the synthesis of image and music led to his discovery of glass and the healing possibilities of colour. The thread that unites his work in glass and film is the manipulation of transparent material that records movement.

Anthony Stern was first exposed to glass as a child via a collection of antique glass marbles from Czechoslovakia. He grew up in Cambridge and experimented with music and painting. He had his first exhibition of paintings with Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett in 1963. While studying English and History of Art at Cambridge University he started to direct experimental non-linear films, most notably ‘San Francisco’, which decades later has been included in exhibitions at Tate Liverpool and the Whitney Museum of American Art. In addition to his body of work, which encapsulates the psychology of the Psychedelia movement, Anthony travelled to Afghanistan in 1971 and made a impressionistic documentary entitled the ‘Noon Gun.’ The film was re-edited in 2004 and premiered at the Melbourne Film Festival the same year.

Anthony has made glass his first language. He can express an endless variety of ideas and thoughts from the functional and prosaic to lyrical, healing and mystical. Anthony was filmed for this short film in 2011.

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