Ludovic and Reuben, 124c41, 2011

Inspired by Joshua Reynolds, Cupid and Psyche, c. 1789.

We chose this painting because we liked the warm tones that were contrasting against the dark ones. We really liked the way it portrays the myth of Cupid and Psyche, since it captures the moment before Cupid escapes through the window in the corner.

We researched the myth and found out that the story is a lot more complicated than it first seems. We also researched the artist, Reynolds, who was heavily inspired by Florentine painters. He specialised in commissioned portrait paintings, but this painting was a history painting, and he was the first president of the Royal Academy of Arts.

We understood that it would be difficult to depict the whole story, so we chose to have an external view of the painting. We tried to represent the mood of the painting in our animation.

Our animation shows segments of the painting, and the confusion of the story with the professor mumbling.