Hadi and Binaca, Untitled, 2011

Inspired By Hans Eworth, Allegorical portrait of Sir John Luttrell, 1550.

We chose this painting because we liked the contrast between the peaceful part of the painting in the top left and the part where the battle is going on, on the right side of the painting. There’s a lot of detail to the painting and we liked that. For example, there are people in the sea and even writing in the bottom left.

We found out that Sir John Luttrell brought peace to Scotland and France during the 16th century and signed the treaty of Boulogne.

Our animation is about what happened before and after the portrait, and how Sir John Luttrell actually gets to this position. The animation starts with the shipwreck and him getting the olive branch from the goddess Diana (in the top left corner of the picture) and ends with him signing the treaty.