Dominic and Kamila, The Conversion of Saint Paul, 2011

Inspired by Peter Paul Rubens, Conversion of Saint Paul, 1610-12.

We chose this painting because we liked the painting technique and the fine brush strokes, especially to highlight the lighting. We knew the story behind it so we were drawn to it.

We found out that this isn’t the only Conversion of Saint Paul by Rubens and there was a lot of controversy between his different pieces, but I felt this was the most powerful and successful piece. Also, we found out that the feature of Saint Paul with a person leaning over him was inspired by Michelangelo.

After reading more in depth about the story of the conversion of Saint Paul we came to see that this was a powerful and moving story so we used this as a template for our animation.

We followed the story and told it in our own way. Our main idea was to focus on Saint Paul and his companions on the road to Damascus with Jesus suddenly appearing causing a lot of chaos.