Jake, Mohammed, and Radwan, Cezanne Lake, 2013

Inspired by Paul Cezanne, The Lac d’Annecy, 1896.

We picked this painting because the scenery invited us to look closer at the different textures and shapes. During our research we found out that Paul Cezanne painted the lake at Annecy because he was bored whilst on a break in Haut Savoire, near the Swiss border with his wife and child. He went on this break to escape the industrial nature of the city. It was this and the unconventional painting methods he used to create this painting that inspired our animation. We used thread wrapped around pins to create a busy city, which fades away into a landscape recreated by using pencil shavings, coloured water, gravel, and moss.

Inspired by:

Paul Cézanne, Lac d’Annecy, 1896

Paul Cézanne, Lac d’Annecy, 1896

Cézanne described this mountain lake near the French border with Switzerland as a scene one might expect to find in the albums of young lady travellers. Instead of recording the standard picturesque view, Cézanne set out to explore the landscape in terms of patterns of form and colour. The tree in the foreground gives a sense of scale and distance to the castle on the far banks of the lake. The slopes of the mountains close off the scene.